October 16, 2016
Pancake Breakfast

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Town of Somers

Somers Fire Department Officers

Chief - John Roache
1st Dep. Chief - Frank Falcone Jr.
2nd Dep. Chief - Keith Allard
Assistant Chief
- Rick McDonald
Assistant Chief - Gary Schiessl
1st Captain - Steve Hawkins
2nd Captain - Greg Smith

Career Lieutenant - Glen Reynolds
1st Lieutenant - Rob Kozaczka
2nd Lieutenant - Vacant

Somers EMS Officers

EMS Dep. Chief - Vacant
EMS Captain - Josh Marquardt
EMS 1st Lieutenant - Tim Percoski
EMS 2nd Lieutenant - 
Gina VanWingerden


We hope that your summer 2016 is off to a good and relaxing start. For us, this is our downtime, also. With no social events on calendar, we can spend some much needed time with our families and rest up before the Four Town Fair. Hopefully, you find the time to enjoy the weather that is associated with the season. This time of year is great for outdoor activities such as hiking, pickup basketball or volleyball, or hanging out in the pool. But please remember that with these fun activities, and the heat, comes the need to take in extra refreshments (water, juices, etc). Even if you feel close to, or, good, your body is actually probably in need of fluids that are vital to its upkeep. We hope you enjoy the summer, but also would like you to be aware of the potential danger if you don't properly hydrate.

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